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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What items are the most exported products to Kazakhstan?

    Among the major exports to Kazakhstan are some products such as fruits and nuts, minerals and products, stone and ceramics and others. However, there are definitely various other products on the list of products to be exported to this country. An examination of the official customs data of the Islamic Republic is also a good source for information on Iran’s major exports to Kazakhstan. Some of the most important goods according to customs statistics in 1998 are:

    Glassware, home appliances and kitchenware, pipes and hoses, marble, industrial machinery, dates, pistachios and nuts, tomatoes, kiwi, cucumber, mushrooms and lettuce, grapes and acid, grains, milk, cream, cheese, etc.

    Given the above products, it seems that agricultural and food products, minerals and building stones and household appliances are the most important export items to Kazakhstan.

    What are the stages of customs clearance?

    The steps of clearance of goods include 10 items: 1- Receiving performa and packing the list 2- Obtaining a license to register a commercial order 3- Insuring the goods, coordination for inspection at the origin and destination 4- Forming a file for allocating currency and bank transfer 5- Communication With an international transport company 6- Receiving shipping documents from international shipping companies 7- Completing documents and filing a file 8- Preparing a draft declaration round 9- Review and approval by a customs and trade technical expert 10- Import declaration round .

    What is a business card and what is required to do it?

    – This card is related to business affairs and any action within the framework of the laws of the country requires a specific type of license from the relevant organization, so the business card is actually a license that any natural or legal person (after registering a company to export and Import) By receiving this type of card, they can do business according to Article 3 of the Law on Regulations in the field of import and export trade.

    – In order to register orders and clear goods, import from free zones and export any goods that are allowed, natural and legal persons must receive a business card.

    What are the documents required to register a limited liability company?
    1. Provide identification documents of company members
    2. Two copies of the company letter
    3. Two copies of the company’s articles of association
    4. Two sheets of application
    5. Company name determination form and deposit slip
    6. Original activity license If the registration of the subject requires a license.
    7. Original power of attorney if the company is registered by a lawyer.
    8. Two copies of the board meeting minutes
    9. Two copies of the minutes of the founding general assembly
    What are the barriers to Iran's export to Kazakhstan?

    Obstacles include inadequate conditions for transporting goods to Kazakhstan, including the high cost of sending containers by land, as well as damage to goods during rail transportation due to technical reasons, insufficient knowledge of Iranian traders of the Kazakh market. If the authorities solve these problems, it is possible to increase the export of more goods to this country.

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