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Introduction to Nikcaspian Trading Company

Nikcaspian Trading Company Successful International Traders, abbreviated Nick Caspian, operates as a company specializing in exports, imports and trade with Kazakhstan, especially the port of Aktau. Utilizing their experienced managers and valuable experiences, this company tries to provide commercial and commercial services directly and without intermediaries to compatriots and companies active in this field around the world. Among the most important services provided by this company are:

  • Do sales
  • Distribution of goods
  • Export and import of authorized goods
  • Receive loans and facilities from all banks or financial and credit institutions
  • Customs clearance of domestic and international customs
  • Opening credits and LC with banks
  • Receiving and granting authorized commercial agencies
  • Participate in exhibitions and booth decoration

Custom release

Good Clearance

All the steps and process of clearance of goods from Kazakhstan are the same as the process of clearance of other imported goods, ie Kazakh goods, depending on the type they have, are assigned a customs tariff code and have their own customs duties and taxes. Also, all licenses for import or clearance of goods from Kazakhstan must be obtained before proceeding in the field of import of goods and the necessary documents for customs clearance of goods must be submitted to the relevant customs offices. The important thing about the clearance of goods from Kazakhstan and the port of Aktau is that most of the goods imported from the port of Aktau enter the country by sea and by ship, and therefore it must be said that the customs are obliged to receive these goods.

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Alireza FarhadiManaging Director

Ali RahmatianMember of the Board

Hamid MarandiConsultant in Kazakhstan

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