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One of the main services of Nikcaspian Company is the export and import of all authorized commercial goods

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Goods are transported by (rail – sea – land)

Marketing and sales guarantee

One of the services of Nikcaspian Company is marketing your product and guaranteeing the sale of the goods sent by the customer.

Customs clearance of goods from Kazakhstan

Customs clearance of goods from Russia, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Aktau port, Astrakhan and …

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Nikcaspian Trading Successful International Trading Company with registration number 15961, is operating as a specialized company in the field of export, import and trade with Kazakhstan, especially the port of Aktau. Utilizing their experienced managers and valuable experiences, this company tries to provide commercial and commercial services directly and without intermediaries to compatriots and companies active in this field around the world. Among the most important services provided by this company are: import and export, consulting and management of goods, customs clearance of goods from Kazakhstan, transportation and transit of goods (rail – sea – land), marketing and sales guarantee of shipments , Registration of a limited liability company, obtaining a C3 visa and opening a bank account in a reputable European bank and receiving the tax code of Kazakhstan IIN

  • Business consulting
  • Import and export of goods
  • Marketing and sales guarantee
  • Allocation of currency in exchange
  • Registration of a limited liability company
  • Customs clearance of goods from Kazakhstan

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Registration of a limited liability company

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One of the most important aspects of this trading company is developing and managing, communicating with customers and doing free consultations on all business matters and exports and imports.

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In case of satisfaction with the advice and services of Nick Caspian Company, a contract will be concluded between the parties in order to carry out all business affairs as well as to preserve the values of the customer and the employer.


In line with the services you expect from Nikcaspian Company and you have concluded your contract, this company is obliged to conduct a special research in the field you expect.

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After conducting a thorough research in your field, Nikcaspian Company will try to meet your expectations and will follow up on the assigned work.

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    Nikcaspian Company shows a very high level of competence in its chosen fields. I highly recommend this company.
    Alireza Farhadi
    Client obtaining a visa
    Nikcaspian Company shows a very high level of competence in the field of export and import of goods. I recommend this company.
    Ali Rahmatian
    Export customer
    Nikcaspian Company shows a very high level of competence in the field of business consulting. I highly recommend this company.
    Mohammad Hesami
    Client Consulting

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    • Transportation and transit of goods (rail - sea - land)
    • Obtaining a C3 visa
    • Opening a bank account in a reputable European bank
    • Get the tax code of Kazakhstan IIN
    Business consulting

    Consulting Business

    In the consulting department, Nikcaspian teaches clients how to plan for their business activities and assists them in implementing projects. It also advises clients to produce practical results and strengthen strategic thinking, and teaches people skills that, like those with business experience, can go a long way in overcoming the challenges and issues they face and earning money. Increase and progress.

    Therefore, business and business consulting should be able to help people for their business communications and business activities, as well as solving problems without wasting time in this field, according to the changes and developments that have taken place in each of the issues and business affairs.

    Also, the existence of various obstacles, such as sanctions against the country, has made the importance of specialized and customs advice for traders and producers more tangible, so that today the purpose and meaning of business advice is clearer than before and a specific strategy to advance goals. Commercial companies.

    Registration of a limited liability company

    Company registration with limited responsibility

    A limited liability company is a company formed between two or more persons for business purposes, and each of the partners is responsible for the debts and liabilities of the company only to the extent of its capital in the company, without the capital being divided into shares or parts of shares.

    Registration of a limited liability company has almost the largest number of applicants for registration in Iran. The reason for this registration rate is easier and more suitable conditions for small to medium businesses. In this type of company, capital is not divided into shares or parts of shares. The liability of the partners against the debts and debts of the company is within the limits of the share of the company that each partner has invested, the share of the company is not freely transferable and it is mandatory to mention the limited liability phrase and not mention the names of the partners in the company name.

    Limited liability companies are suitable for all business, engineering, industrial, information technology and other guilds and generally have no activity restrictions, but the subject of the company’s limited liability company can be nothing but business.

    Marketing and sales guarantee

    Marketing and Guaranteed sales of shipped goods

    First and foremost, you must choose a country to export your product to. There may be different criteria for choosing this country. Of course, you may want to consider several countries instead of one. To select an export destination, different criteria must be considered. Some of these criteria are related to the country in question and others may be related to the export product or even your own.

    It should be considered to what extent the country in question has a good political and economic relationship with our country. What are the most important import needs of that country and the production status of the desired goods in it? The demographic, geographical and social characteristics of that country must be known. Investigate the geographical distance of Iran from the destination country and its communication channels. What is the situation of Iran’s exports and imports with the target country and the export statistics of the target product to that country. What is the status of exports and imports of the goods in Iran and the country concerned and the laws and trade tariffs of the destination country.

    Allocation of currency in exchange

    Allocate currency as trading

    In order to allocate currency for imported goods, the owner of the goods or the importer must first obtain a permit to enter the country. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization to obtain a permit for the import of goods. Obtaining a license also requires registration in the order registration system, so that the relevant organizations can apply for a license to import goods to the importer of goods.

    After approval by the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization and licensing organizations, the next step is to select the operating bank. The operating bank is in fact the intermediary between the central bank and the importer, which in the case of the owner of the goods can not be in direct contact with the central bank except in special cases.

    After selecting the operating bank and registering in the order registration system, you must provide the order registration number or the same import license to the operating bank. By sending the license number to the Central Bank, the operating bank will put you in the queue for allocating foreign currency to the Central Bank. The central bank also issues the currency allocation license for your imported goods in order of priority. The foreign exchange allocation stage of the central bank shows how much currency has been taken out of the country to import goods.

    Currency is created by the government due to the increase in the value of the currency to reduce the financial burden on the government, and the exchange currency, which has a lower price, is more limited, controlled and allocated to certain goods with special conditions. . According to the Central Bank, the method of calculating the exchange currency by the Central Bank is that the bank considers a basket of currencies traded in authorized exchange offices and then based on the initial rate obtained from these transactions and after deducting fees. And two percent of this rate determines the non-reference (exchange) exchange rate.

    Customs clearance of goods from Kazakhstan

    Clearance of goods from Kazakhstan Customs

    According to the law passed by the parliament in customs, customs clearance of goods is done by the owner of the goods or his legal representative, in order to carry out export and import. Accordingly, the goods are removed from customs using legal formalities. During customs clearance, actions are taken that include such things as preparation, preparation and registration of documents and documents in physical or electronic form and at different costs.

    There are various steps in the clearance of goods, including the preparation of documents, registration of import or export documents of goods in physical or electronic form, calculation of customs funds such as commercial profit, customs duties, taxes, customs tariff source and facilities provided by the government. It is done to importers and exporters of goods and so on.

    In fact, companies active in the field of customs clearance, in addition to being familiar with all the rules and procedures for doing so, have done this many times at different borders and in terms of moving different types of goods, and as a result have enough experience in this field. Have. Nick Caspian Company is one of the companies active in this field, so by entrusting the process of clearing your trade goods to this company, you will not only save your time, but also avoid paying heavy and useless expenses, and you can Consult the consultants and experts of this company in the field of how to perform the clearance steps and with the help of the experienced group of this company, you can carry out your business activities in the field of international trade.

    Export and Import

    Export and Importation

    Exports and imports are one of the most important economic pillars of any country. By importing, countries can supply their required goods by importing them from other countries, and by exporting goods, they can also earn foreign exchange earnings. Obviously, a country with more exports has a better economy.

    Export is the opposite of import and means taking a product or service out of the customs border of his country and import means importing goods or services from other countries to his country. In fact, import means the production of goods or services in a country of origin and the import of those goods in one or more countries of destination.

    Meanwhile, the successful Nick Caspian Company of International Merchants also tries to provide the best services to such economic activities in addition to creating a safe environment in the field of import or export of goods.

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